The Needle Drop

Girls- Father, Son, Holy Ghost

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I didn't find Girls' sophomore LP to be as instantaneous, well-produced, or fun as the California band's debut, but there's still a great set of tracks here--not to mention a load of ambition in the extra instrumentation. I totally respect the fact that these guys have to try new things to order to keep from stagnating, but I'm not in love with every move Girls make on this album. "Just A Song" has an ending ruined by some editing experiment that went horribly wrong. I'm not sure if I'm really into the soulful backup vocals that find their way into some of these tracks, and I'm not sure how long the novelty a track like "Die" will stick around.

Like album, this thing is as varied as a mixtape made by a friend. This time, it just feels like my friend's tastes are varying even further from mine.