The Needle Drop

Opeth- Heritage

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Ah, the new Opeth record. Was I expecting to like this? No. Was I hoping I'd like this? Yes! A big, fat "yes," actually. I've never been an Opeth fan. Their melodic and almost overproduced take on death metal--and progressive metal, generally--just doesn't have anything I look for in music.

I was surprised by the classic progressive rock direction the band took this album in, though. The syncopated guitars, drums, and organs are a serious treat to listen to on a lotta these tracks. The acoustic interludes in these songs transition into louder moments really gracefully, too. The production ain't bad, but I'm still being held back by one major snag: the vocals.

Yes, the vocals just do nothing whatsoever for me. They just don't portray any personality to me. Opeth has always had some decent death growls, but the cleaner vocals don't hook me at all.