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Stream the New Dusk Warrior LP

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Are you the kind of crate-digging soundmonger who considers 70's b-movie soundtracks ear candy? If so, give Dusk Warrior's latest, Overdrive Sunrise, a listen. These guys--Nicholas Shapiro and Michael Osso--have created an album of instrumental snippets that could be described as "undeveloped ideas" if they weren't obviously so skillfully crafted. With plenty of tasty melodies and impressive arrangements, each song projects its own gamut of imagery. Strong flavors of spaghetti western and Bacharach/Mancini 60s-love-pad-delica dominate the album's sound. The best tracks are inventive and playful, especially the titular "Overdrive Sunrise," which jets around modishly like Roger Moore on a global hunt for Kim Jong-Il. Hear it via the player above, and download it on Bandcamp.