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The Men- Leave Home

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The Men's latest album, Leave Home, has some pretty abrasive, heavy, and eye-widening production on it. This straight-to-tape recording features some great guitar distortion: and the total package is so thick and saturated, it makes this album an extremely heavy and overbearing experience. Another breath of fresh air here is the amount of variation that these guys throw into this album. Leave Home basically sees three people sharing songwriting duties, so it's not surprising to see this album coming out a little scatterbrained. Still, it's nice to hear an album that's this loud seem basically impossible to pigeonhole.

The sad part is that the Men write their tunes with some of the most forgettable and deja vu-inspiring guitar riffs imaginable. I know nothing is original these days. I'm fine with that. But that doesn't mean a more originality wouldn't have helped this album stand out in my mind a bit more.