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Walls- "Sunporch"

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First single to drop from Walls' forthcoming album, Coracle. It'll be the electronic music duo's sophomore LP, and it's getting a release via Kompakt.

As of right now, I'm completely smitten with the song above, "Sunporch." The groove is absolutely irresistible. It's a little repetitive and rigid, but Walls evens things out by adding more sounds as the track progresses. It gets louder and more intense as time draws as well. It's got the cold, calculated sensibilities of old electronica, but still manages to feature a lot of the bells and whistles that turns up in newer stuff. At 2:20, there's a chirping sound that I'm assuming is from a guitar, and it actually reminds me of some moments on Battles' latest album Gloss Drop. Of course, I don't mean that to be a bad thing!

Stream the track above and expect Coracle to drop at the end of this month.