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Wobbler- "Rites at Dawn"

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Since my visit with the new Opeth album, I've been hankering for some nice progressive rock. When it comes to that, Wobbler delivers. The band is from Norway, and has been around for over a decade. The group's latest album is titled Rites at Dawn, and delivers a bit of a stylistic change.

Previous releases have garnered a lotta comparisons to the work of Swedish progressive rock act Änglagård, but this album is undoubtedly bringing the group closer to the work of Yes.

On the title track above, Wobber cycles through an ambitious ten minute series of solos, climaxes, verses, segues, and bridges. They throw out one idea after another, repeating themselves very rarely. But while I hear a lotta great moments in this track, it's gonna be tough for prog fans to separate this from the music of Yes. Is the similarity a good or band thing? You'll have to decide.