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1 Minute Miracles In the Mail

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Well, here is some free music, but it's not a digital download linked somewhere in this blogpost. This, my friends, is physical. My favorite Canadian beatmusic project, 1 Minute Miracles, is now offering its entire discography on one cd, which includes the recent Death Grips remix I posted. The CD will also feature the unreleased second half of the Death Grips remixes. All ya gotta do is "follow" or "like" this guy on Twitter or Facebook. Then I suppose you hit him up using one or the other.

According to this blog post, these CDs will be mailed out on October 31st, and will include the following shiz:

1. a card (it could be a birthday, Mother’s Day or whatever) 2. a personalized greeting 3. a hand-doodled CD which will contain all the tracks I’ve released to date and a special unreleased bonus medley of Death Grips remixes 4. individually numbered card — only 199 copies will be pressed and sent

If you've enjoyed this dude's past work, no reason not to jump on a bunch of free music.