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1-Minute Miracles Remixes Death Grips

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Recently, hip hop's rawest, loudest, and most intense project, Death Grips, released the building blocks to its first mixtape, Ex Military. So, of course, I had to suggest--via Twitter--that 1-Minute Miracles take on the challenge. I know this dude's up for a challenge, so it only seemed fitting.

It was taking the dude a while, but that could only mean the reinvention of these songs would only be greater. What's streaming above is a medley of five different Death Grips songs, and each of them have been torn apart and thrown into the musical blender that is 1-Minute Miracles.

"Beware" has been turned into a disco-loving piece of keyboard funk, and "Spread Eagle Cross the Block" has undergone changes I can't even begin to describe. In order, the songs remixed are "Beware," Guillotine," "Spread the Eagle," "Lord of the Game," and "Takyon (Death Yon)."