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Azarath- "Firebreath of Blasphemy and Scorn"

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Above is some Polish death metal with a blackened edge from the band Azarath. Blasphemers' Maledictions is the band's fifth full-length.

I've mentioned before that it's difficult for me to find modern death metal that I enjoy. Of course, there are numerous groups in the underground that embrace an older style of the genre, but how these groups play their instruments isn't really the issue. I'm fine with speed and technical intricacies. It's the use of drum triggers and sterile guitar tones really makes listen to metal a lot less intense to me.

Thankfully, Azarath can't be bothered with any of that stuff; especially since there drummer is an absolute beast! At first, I thought this was another trigger job, but he plays with an amazing amount of speed and mechanical precision.

Of course, the guitars and vocals are great as well. I can't really say much that's negative about this track. It's just some relentless, ugly, tight death metal with doubled up vocals and dizzying speed.

Look for this album now on Witching Hour.