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Entrench- "As Dawn Breaks" / "Into Oblivion"

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"Into Oblivion"

"As Dawn Breaks"

Sweden's Entrench is plays a raw, aggressive, unadulterated breed of thrash metal that was lost in translation as the genre evolved over the decades.

This band's take on thrash really is pure. They combine it with nothing at all--not even modern production techniques. They quite literally go back to the past and relive the earliest and most unrefined days of thrash, concentrating most on creating an aggressive atmosphere

It's not Reign In Blood Slayer, but Show No Mercy Slayer. Not Pleasure to Kill Kreator, but Endless Pain Kreator.

Entrench's latest release--an album titled Inevitable Decay--will be released via Abyss Records on November 15th. Scope the cover art below: