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Kuedo- "Flight Path" / "Ascension Phase"

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Kuedo - Ascension Phase by Sound Injections Kuedo - Flight Path by Sound Injections

Two tracks from the forthcoming Kuedo album, Severant, which is dropping the 17th of this month on Planet Mu.

"Kuedo" is one another pseudonym for electronic music producer Jamie Teasdale. Of course, he's one half of the dubstep duo Vex'd, and he had a really impressive solo release in 2009 titled In System Travel EP.

Though the wobbling bass and choppy percussion of dubstep have become this guy's calling card--he even reinterpreted these ideas through 8-bit sounds on a Kuedo EP--he's changing things up for this project's full-length debut.

Not only is the bass not heavy or overbearing on the two tracks to drop from this album so far, but the beats are busier and the synths sound like something out of a sci-fi movie set in space. It makes me think of Vangelis or Zombi on a Future Garage trip--especially "Ascension Phase."

Enjoy the songs above and scope the cover art right here: