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Michael Beach- "Straight Spines" / "So Said the Bird"

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"Straight Spines"

"So Said the Bird"

Two tracks from the forthcoming Michael Beach EP, Mountains + Valleys. It'll be dropping on Twin Lakes Recs. on November 8th.

Just like his previous material, the two songs above remind me a lot of forlorn songwriters like Simon Joyner. After tracks like "So Said the Bird," I'd even make a slight Timber Timbre comparison, actually.

Beach doesn't remind me of these people in a carbon copy sort of way. I just feel attracted to his music for similar reasons. He's got a strong, emotional edge, for one. Yeah, sure, everybody's got emotions, but his poetic lyrics actually make the desperation and negativity I find in his songs interesting--especially when he's packing them with the energy displayed on "Straight Spines."

Beach is going out on tour to support this EP this Fall. Find the tour dates here.