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Teenage Cool Kids- "Landlocked State"

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Hailing from Denton, Texas, Teenage Cool Kids are a band that have a lot of fun things going for them: rough presentation, catchy melodies, slacker attitude, amusing lyrics.

Of course, this is no surprise since one of the band's members is Fergus & Geronimo member Andrew Savage. Their debut album with his duo Fergus & Geronimo was reviewed and loved by me earlier this year.

The song "Kachina Doll" features a great burst at the opening as Savage's nearly deadpan vocal gets pretty hypnotic despite its understated nature. I'm not sure whether I should start headbanging or lay down for a nap. Uh, I mean that as a good thing!

Teenage Cool Kids' third album, Denton After Sunset, is streaming in full on Bandcamp. You can grab a digital copy for $6.66 or pre-order the vinyl release that should be dropping in December.