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The Beets- "Doing As I Do"

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The Beets are are New York garage rock band with the audacity to name themselves after the Beets. I've known about the group longer than I've actually been enjoying them. Previous records from these guys--though I love myself some garage rock--have been a little too lo-fi to be totally enjoyable. I've always through these guys have the attitude, but the songs weren't necessarily there.

Well, on the group's new album via Hardly Art, Let the Poison Out, things are sounding a little more listenable. The melodies stand out more, everything sounds clearer, and not a lick of 'tude has been lost in the process. Lazy vocals, a sloppy presentation, and humorous lyrics make the first track to drop from this thing, "Doing As I Do," a worthy listen for anybody into this style.

Download the track or stream it above. Album is out now on Hardly Art. Cover art below.