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A Place to Bury Strangers- "So Far Away"

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With a bassline that reminds me of the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams," the New York shoegaze/post-punk/noise rock band A Place To Bury Strangers has dropped a track from its forthcoming EP, Onwards to the Wall. Look for this to get a Feb. 7th release via Dead Oceans.

Now, I reviewed this band's previous album years ago. I feel like that LP had some great sounds, but really didn't have the variation I wanted to make the whole thing worth revisiting. But if every song on this EP is as varied as "So Far Away," then that shouldn't be a problem. APTBS manages to keep their pummeling sound while working in some guitar leads, synths, and tambourine. It's kinda like a shoegaze version of "Paint It Black" or something. Strange and loveable. Looking forward to hearing the rest of this baby.

EP track listing: 1. I Lost You 2. So Far Away 3. Onwards To The Wall 4. Nothing Will Surprise Me 5. Drill It Up