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Heresiarch- "Conflagration"

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There are numerous ways to enjoy metal music. I mean, there have to be--especially since most people just don't enjoy it at all.

Most of the time, I enjoy it in a pretty cathartic manner, putting the music on to let off steam, but there are some bands whose stuff I think inflicts more pain than it relieves.

With that, I introduce Heresiarch. These guys are a New Zealand metal outfit combining elements of both death and black metal. That isn't where the pain comes in, though. It's actually more in the unrelenting delivery of the band's blast beats, doubled vocals, and hellfire-heated guitar riffs.

Heresiarch's latest release is a 22-minute EP titled Hammer of Intransigence, and it's out now via Dark Descent Records. Out of all the tracks on this EP, "Conflagration" is one of the most intense. The blast beats and down-tuned guitars literally blur into an abusive wall of sickening noise. Mission accomplished in my book.

Stream the track at the top of this post if you aren't already, and check the cover art below: