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Kate Bush- "Wild Man" (Radio Edit)

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Tomorrow, Kate Bush will be releasing the album 50 Words For Snow. Of course, she already had an album release earlier this year, but this album will be the first LP of completely new studio material since 2005's Aerial.

"Wild Man" is the first track to drop from the album, and I'm loving the wintery feel of this song. Yeah, maybe I get that because of the vibe implied by the title of this album, but I really feel like playing this song is making the room I'm in colder. I think I can see my own breath.

But honestly, the icy grooves on this track are pretty pleasant. Kate's voice guides the track through some quiet verses, and the chorus explodes with the beauty of a 60s psych pop tune. Can't wait to review the LP tonight.

Scope the cover art for this release below: