The Needle Drop

Lulu Brings "Iced Honey" to Later With Jools Holland


When I reviewed Lulu at the beginning of this month, I had to admit the album's odd allure despite some glaring flaws. The album was a combination of some interesting jams and ideas getting filtered through one of rock music's most unlikely collaborations.

I thought the insane, musical train wreck would stop right there, but these guys somehow landed on Later With Jools Holland. Well, I can't say somehow. They are Lou Reed and Metallica. Still, I'm pretty surprised they're playing this stuff live, but it enhances the frenzy, doesn't it?

I've made no buts about being a Lou Reed fan, and I mused in my review about this album being a lot like the Velvet Underground's seminal album White Light/White Heat. A lot of songs on that album are messy as hell, powered by odd lyrics, and feel as if a lot of their respective elements were left up to chance. I think Lou and Metallica went further to kinda prove my point on that by performing the title track to that album in their Jools Holland performance as well.