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Rostam- "Don't Let it Get to You"

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Back in September, Vampire Weekend member Rotsam Batmanglij dropped a solo track titled "Wood" that I've been pretty infatuated with ever since. I was hoping it was going to lead to more material and seems this dude is leaving a breadcrumb trail of new songs that will probably lead to a new album.

The latest track it drop is "Don't Let It Get To You," which is equally as whimsical and impressive when it comes to arrangements. Piano and woodwinds hang in the background tastefully, but I'm gonna be honest here: The mix feels a little wonky to me. The vocals seem like they overpower just about everything else going on here. Much of the instruments kinda clash in a messy, lo-fi way that I guess I'm not too in love with on this track specifically. What do you think?