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Black Star- "Fix Up"

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Now this is a comeback I can get into. Hip hop is loaded with surprise collaborations. Some of 'em float, and some of 'em sink. Most Def's and Talib Kweli's Black Star didn't just float. It flew. Then it dropped an atomic bomb on the competition.

After years of anticipation building up since Black Star's full-length debut in 1998, Kweli and Def have dropped a new single titled "Fix Up." It's out now on iTunes, and should be leading to a new album in 2012.

The beat on this track is produced by Madlib, and while I am excited to hear this forthcoming album, I don't feel like this track was the fiery, attention-grabbing song I was hoping it would be. The mixing it off, making the vocals and the beat feel odd. The lines are pretty good, though. There's a nice lyrical back 'n' forth toward the end of the track, too.