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After the Smoke- "OIAM"

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Here's a new video from After the Smoke for the track "OIAM," which comes from the project's debut EP, White Girls & Red Velvet Cake. Download the EP here.

Directed by Andrew Fairbank, this video features a lotta suggestive footage of scantily clad women shot in slow motion. All the footage is fed through a series of trippy video filters, and the final product ends up feeling dark and sort of depressing.

As far as the song goes, I liked it a lot when I first heard it, but it's growing on me more with each listen. The synths are pretty soothing, and the beat comes straight out of the modern hip hop playbook.

Both the rapping and singing ain't bad, and deal in a lotta parties and egoism. In that respect, After the Smoke is a lot like the Weeknd, but I'm interested in seeing if this project ends up somewhere significantly different.