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Dodecahedron- Allfather

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Of course a metal band with a name referencing geometry would make music that sounds tight and calculated; but I'd argue the Dutch band Dodecahedron does it without sounding too robotic. In fact, rather than a machine, I'd liken these meticulously crafted tunes to the creation of a torture device. A perfect torture device. This device has everything: pins, blades, chains, bars. It terrorizes on both a physical and mental level.

Dodecahedron's latest LP, ALLfather, is a bombardment of speed, dissonance, and volume. It's a pretty strong combination of progressive rock, black metal, and experimental music. The band's label, Season of Mist, is kinda billing this release as being "post-black metal," which I don't completely buy, but it doesn't stop the music from being a thrill.