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Evian Christ- "fuck it none of y'all don't rap" (Loved)

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The blog-o-sphere is in a buzz this afternoon over a new producer who goes by the name of Evian Christ. Not a lot is known about this guy outside of the eight tracks uploaded to his YouTube channel thus far. I know it seems pretty silly to be getting worked up over some random YouTube channel, but the dude's beats are pretty sick.

One of my favorites so far is "MYD," which has an aura surrounding it that's equal parts scary and beautiful. When the vocal sample finally kicks in, it's a gorgeous rush of sound that can only be rivaled by a Clams Casino track or a song from the latest Oneohtrix Point Never album.

But in this post, I ultimately have to give it up for the track "fuck it none of y'all rap." It's got a disorienting groove. These three noisy bass hits repeat against this choppy vocal sample that just gets me pumped. Loving this a lot.