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Gonjasufi- "Feedin' Birds"

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A track from the forthcoming Gonjasufi "mini-album," MU.ZZ.LE. right here. The track is "Feedin' Birds," and the music on this one repeats as lost vocals wander aimlessly through a psychedelic lo-fi recording.

I feel like this song has a style similar to Sufi's previous LP, A Sufi And A Killer, but I'd be lying if I said I was in love with it. The sounds are pretty mysterious and odd; I'd even go far enough to say this track captures the feel of being lost in a desert, which is something I loved about A Sufi.

However, this time around, I'm just not as hyped. This track and the one that dropped before it are nowhere near as striking as previous singles like "Kowboyz&Indianz" and "Kobwebz." To me, these new tracks just don't present at much sounds and progression.

I'm a bit worried, but still hopeful for Sufi's future output. What do you think?