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Lapalux- "Gutter Glitter"

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Here's a track from the forthcoming Lapalux EP, When You're Gone. It's an electronic music project spearheaded by producer Stuart Howard. It'll be out via Brainfeeder records on Feb. 7th.

At first, this track really kinda hit me like a James Blake tune with its subtle auto-tune and spacious beat. However, there a elements to this track that are pretty typical to a Brainfeeder release: Fat synths, a strong hip hop influence, and an overwhelming myriad of textures.

No matter what you compare it to, I'm definitely looking forward to this 7-track EP. The way Lapalux meshed the sounds together on "Gutter Glitter" really gives me chills. It's a pretty gorgeous tapestry of sound. I wanna wrap myself in it and roll around on the floor. That's weird, I know.