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Lemâitre- "The End" (Extended)

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Here's a track from the Lemâitre EP that's set to come out tomorrow, Relativity I. These guys are are Norwegian electronic pop duo that satisfied both sides of my brain with this tune, "The End."

One side of my brain is like this right now: "Oh, the piano introducing this song is beautiful and delicate. The 'swishes' of noise in the background are an interesting touch."

Eventually, a danceable beat and sweet basssline kicks in, which brings the other side of my brain into the picture: "YEAH GIMME GIMME GIMME THAT BEAT! LOVE THIS SHIT! YESS! X-D X-D. SOUNDS LIKE OMG JUSTICE LOL LIKE YAH."

Yeah, so that's what happens. Just listen to the track and see what's up.