The Needle Drop


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FACT turned me on to an interesting little footwork project: Lil JaBBA. It's got the quick, speedy beats and relentless vocal samples usually found in footwork and juke music, but uses a bit of noise and a lo-fi recording style to add some grit to the mix.

Of course, it helps that the songs ain't half bad, too. "BrUiSER." features some whimsical synths, which really take the edge off the hard grooves being thrown out there by the rhythms--yeah, I mean that in a good way. In contrast, a track like "SKaLa" is much darker, putting a muddy mix on the drums and throwing a layer of quickly pulsating synths on top of the whole thing.

The sound might initially throw listeners off, and possibly give the impression that this project is nothing more than amateur, but I promise you LiL JaBBA has detail and grooves cornered on this EP. Grab it for 8 bones on Bandcamp.