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ScienZe- When Skies Fall

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When Skies Fall is the first time I'm running into up-and-coming MC Scienze, but this dude has been grinding for a little bit now. His Bandcamp has has a nice handful of releases on it, and his latest album, When Skies Fall, showcases the experience.

The dude can spit, and he's got this friendly, positive aura surrounding his tracks, which makes it impossible to hate. A lotta rappers try to spit their life story, but not every one is gonna do it in a way that's entertaining, relatable, and interesting. I'd say that mission's accomplished on this track, and it's done without appealing to any obvious hip hop cliches, too.

The dude managed to get some pretty decent features on this release as well. With 14 tracks on this thing, there's gotta be at least a few you dig.