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Battles- "Africastle" (Kode 9 Remix)

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The Battles track "Africastle" gets touched up by Kode 9 in this new remix off the band's 2nd remix 12". There are two more 12"s to come in this remix series; plus, Battles is planning on putting out a CD compilation of these remixes as well. The title: Dross Glop. Here's the cover art:

Dross Glop will be out via Warp Records on April 17th. You can follow the vinyl version of the remix series on Bleep.

Here's a statement from Battles as to why they chose Kode 9 to be involved with this remix project, too:

Not only does Steve "Kode9" Goodman make good music but he also has a doctorite in Philosophy and wrote a book called "Sonic Warfare;Sound,Affect,and the Ecology of Fear". This alone is reason enough for him to be involved in our remix record! Best music: "Memories of the Future" and "Black Sun" both on his own Hyperdub label.