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BJ The Chicago Kid- “The World is a Ghetto” ft. Kendrick Lamar

New MusicNicholas KindrachukComment

BJ The Chicago Kid and Kendrick Lamar have collaborated for a second time on “The World is a Ghetto,” which is a smooth piece of socially conscious soul. The song deals with growing up in a harsh environment and perceiving the world to be the same way. There are elements of hopelessness throughout, and human behavior that does nothing but support the feeling. The track has a bunch of samples taken from pop culture that act as sort of verses or interludes between the hook. The real highlight is Kendrick Lamar's verse, which potently conveys what the song is about. It seems with every song he is a part of Lamar seems to become the highlight almost instantly, even with the short verse he has here.

BJ the Chicago Kid's new album, Pineapple Now-Laters, is out now on iTunes.