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Derek Piotr- "Colossus"

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New England noise artist Derek Piotr has a new record on the way in may titled Airing. The track streaming above, "Colossus," is the first to drop from it.

Derek's music has a bit of a love-hate relationship with accessibility. His tracks consciously avoid melody and tone as if they were high school bullies. Instead, Piotr's favors the more textured and atonal side of things. But the "noise" his tracks are comprised off never come off as harsh or unlistenable. In fact, there are quite a few patterns to be pulled out of Piotr's music--especially with the track above.

"Airing" features a heavy tribal drum pattern, which is made busier by incessant rhythmic rattles that jump from channel to channel. Sampled chants make their way into the mix, and an eerie synthscape pops in to back it all up.

There are a league of other glitchy sounds to be picked up in this track, but I'll leave the rest for you to decipher. Again, look for this forthcoming album in May, and her more of Derek's stuff on his SoundCloud.