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Gorillaz- "DoYaThing" ft. Andre 3000 and James Murphy

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As a part of the collaborative music series Converse throws together each year, we've got a new track featuring the minds of Andre 3000, James Murphy, and Gorillaz.

Not every spot in this series has been a bright one, but the usual blend of genres these 3 artist, 1 song deals bring together works really well this time around.

Gorillaz sound like they've got the instrumental side of things covered. The synths shoot for the same simple and "plastic" aesthetic that made Gorillaz last album so entertaining. It actually doesn't sound too far from the rigid, modern, and eccentric synth pop James Murphy has produced in LCD Soundsystem over the years. It's possible that, musically, he played a bigger role than I think, because it's a shame his voice seems to be lost in the chorus vocal mix a bit.

Who really steals the show is Andre 3000. He came hard with this flow. He was so great, it actually made me want to start screaming along with the angry New Zealander at the end of the track. "CAN WE GET AN OUTKAST ALBUM NOW!?!?"

Download the track here. Listen to the extended version here.