The Needle Drop

Ifan Dafydd- "Treehouse”

VideosNicholas KindrachukComment

Welsh producer Ifan Dafydd has released a video to accompany his first official release on Push & Run. This song should sound pretty familiar to fans of James Blake as he has a very similar producing style. The track features a lot of rain drop-esque synthesizers accompanied by heavy vocal distortion and cutting.

This is one of those songs that is greatly helped by the addition of a music video. It follows Dafydd moving from a graveyard to a party while progressively putting on a panda suit. That may sound a bit ridiculous, but the grey colors of the city and the manner of which Dafydd moves and behaves in this suit makes the tone feel dark and gloomy. These feelings are furthered by Dafydds haunting vocals echoing throughout the song. The video presents a visual narrative to accompany and make the song much more impacting.