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Milo- "Atlas Flushed" (Grumpy Groucho Marxist Response)

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Last year, I covered quite a few up-and-coming MCs, and one of the most clever I came across was a young buck by the name of Milo. His debut mixtape, I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here, was one of the first releases I've heard to take the nerd rap and make it relatable and endearing--you know, instead of a cartoony effigy.

Milo's got a new mixtape on the way, and it's nothing but new rhymes and instrumentals from beatmusic producer Baths. The title? Milo Takes Baths.

We're premiering the track "Atlas Flushed" right here, and it features Milo's usual deadpan and doubled delivery, which I find to have a certain quiet intensity to it.

Lyrical topics jump from God, nude photos, Google Adsense, and the top-notch Ghostface Killah album Fishscale. It's an eccentric, personal set of lyrics that are fun to follow. Check the cover art of this mixtape below, and look for its official release later this month.