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The Men- "Ex-Dreams"

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Last year, New York's the Men dropped an album of some pretty solid rock songs. I didn't love it, though, and I suppose it all boiled down to have disjointed the album felt. While I appreciated the styles of underground rock that were being shown off on the tracks--everything from doom metal to post-hardcore--it was hard enjoying all of them as a complete piece.

Despite the slight disappointment, I'm still looking forward to the band's next album, Open Your Heart, which is set to drop on Sacred Bones March 6th. The label has seen fit to drop the track "Ex-Dreams" in promotion of the album, and I'm digging what I'm hearing.

While this track doesn't guarantee the next Men album will be stylistically consistent, it does bring some Fugazi-esque guitar chords and a grunge-y slacker attitude to the table.