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Veronica Falls- "My Heart Beats"

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London pop rock outfit Veronica Falls drops its first single since the release of its 2011 album, Veronica Falls. It was one of my favorite LPs last year, and was so due to its infectious hooks, close vocal harmonies, and moody fall-appropriate atmosphere.

This new track, "My Heart Beats," is noticeably more sunny. In fact, I'd say the mood of this track and those on the self-titled are almost night and day. The rhythm has a lot more drive to it, the melodies are much more upbeat, the vocals don't carry any forlorn baggage with them. Yep, this one doesn't feel dismal at all. It's definitely the much needed run through a flower-filled field after about a dozen listens or so of the debut album.

The band is currently touring. Find the dates here.