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Danny Brown- "Grown Up"

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A new track from one of Detroit's dirtiest, nastiest, and rawest rappers, Danny Brown. Curated by Scion A/V, this track takes a break from what Danny usually delivers in his songs--you know, comparisons of genitalia with food (i.e. Jamba Juice, Cool Ranch Doritos), and depressing downward spirals into drug addiction.

Instead, "Grown Up" gets a little nostalgic, and looks back on Danny Brown's childhood, and puts poetry to Cap'n Crunch dinners and angry teachers. The beat is pretty great as well. An icy synth gets backed up with come DJ cuts of Danny's voice. It's fresh bread, and Danny's verses melt on it like butter. While this dude's punchlines are hilarious, it's great to see him get personal like this on occasion, too.