The Needle Drop

Gremlins- Self-Titled

New MusicNicholas Kindrachuk3 Comments

An odd collaboration between Mat Cothran (Coma Cinema), Patrick Jeffords (Toro Y Moi), Katie Lee (Braids), and Sam Ray (Ricky Eat Acid) has released a five-track EP. It's backed by a lot of dark, sleazy synthesizers that produce some really appealing jams. Vocals are primarily performed by Cothran, and the lyrics seem to be very much like his other projects as well.

The bass and drums create some pretty compelling head bobbing grooves as well. As gloomy and dark as the humming synthesizers can be there is still a lighter side to the arrangements, giving these tunes far more dimension and depth. This is not at all a collaboration that I was expecting, but after hearing it I definitely want more.