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High On Fire- "Fertile Green"

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Teasing toward its 6th full-length album, De Vermis Mysteriis, which is dropping on April 3, High On Fire has released a new track titled "Fertile Green." The album will be released through eOne.

Though I don't want to assume greatness for an album before I even hear it, I can say I'm going to enjoy this upcoming High On Fire album a lot more than 2010's Snakes For the Divine if the whole thing sounds like this. Snakes was a slight departure in the brand of heaviness High On Fire usually brings to the table, and "Fertile Green" marks the return of that thick, overpowering sound.

It should be no surprise the band is working with a different producer this time around. Converge's Kurt Ballou is working behind the board for High On Fire this time around, and the payoff is undeniable.

This track is loaded with dirty, fuzzed-out basslines; screaming, wailing, crying, guitar solos; and some of the most intense drumming I've heard these guys deliver in a while. From what I hear, this forthcoming album is going to function on a bit of a concept, too. Nice! You mean my ears are gonna be smashed to bits, and I'm going to think about it?