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I Come To Shanghai- "Another Holiday / Favorite Drug"

New MusicNicholas Kindrachuk1 Comment

Georgia duo I Come To Shanghai has released a song from their upcoming album Eternal Life Volume 2, which is set for release this month. The track has a really dreamy presentation, and it's layered with sliding guitars and airy synthesizers. The vocals contribute to this feeling using harmonies reminiscent of the Beach Boys or Animal Collective. They make a number of seamless transitions musically as well--especially near the end where the song transforms into a catchy synth-pop jam. The grooves these guys are producing are pretty impeccable and show a lot of prowess within their particular brand of psychedelic music.

Eternal Life Volume 1 was released July last year and is available to download at their website The band also has kickstarter to release both volumes of Eternal Life on a vinyl LP. The campaign has reached its goal, but you can still donate here if you're interested in one.