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Rarebit- "Mt. Weather" (Premiere)

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A video from the forthcoming Rarebit album, Daizo. It's been released this week on Non Projects.

Rarebit is the pseudonym of electronic music producer and composer Justin Hopkins, and his latest release has a concept that can't be caught by listening to a single song. The album is an exploration of familial genetics via music, taking inspiration from his own relatives to create a set of tracks that are different, but resemble one another in certain ways. Some tracks blatantly sample others on the album.

With the track above, "Mt. Weather," Justin combines ambient waves of synthetic tones with some subtle drums. The live recording of this percussion really brings the music alive, and allows the track to get more and more intense as it continues. It reaches a quick and quiet climax just before five minutes and thirty seconds, leaving me with the question of where this album will go next.