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Sigur Ros- “Ekki Múkk”

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To everyone's excitement yesterday, including mine, Sigur Ros dropped a release date for a new album along with a track from said album. The LP's title is Valtari, and it's looking at a May release. The teaser track, "Ekki Múkk," is contained in the video above, and it's a bit of a stunner.

I'm not sure if we're still using the phrase "post-rock" to describe this band, but if we are, the crescendos they pump out are still some of the best in the genre. The rising and falling strings and vocals on this track are incredibly dynamic. The movements these sounds make are subtle and gentle, making the song feel like a warm embrace.

While the track doesn't seem to have an obvious structure or shape, it's still a pleasure to listen to, presenting one beautiful wave of vocals, strings, and piano after another.

Valtari, which translates to "steamroller" in English, will be out via XL on May 29th.