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THEESatisfaction- "Enchantruss" ft. Shabazz Palaces

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Singers Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White make up THEESatisfaction, which is an underground R&B and soul project dropping an album in March on Sub Pop. The title: awE naturaLE. You probably caught the project's two members on the Shabazz Palaces album, Black Up, that dropped last year.

Shabazz's Palaceer Lazaro actually makes it onto this newly released THEESat track, "Enchantruss" for a verse or two, but it's Stasia and Catherine that keep my ears in tune. Their vocals introducing this track are equal parts pretty and haunting, making me slightly uneasy--uh, in a good way.

The spoken word they drop toward the end of the track is pretty captivating, too. I'm really digging the dark and almost occult the music is going in here.

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