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XXYYXX- Self-Titled

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Stream the self-titled mixtape from up-and-coming electronic music producer, XXYYXX, though the widget above. The guy hails from Florida, and his music is an amalgamation of nearly every new sound sprouting up in electronic music right now. There are loads of chopped, looped, and pitch-shifted vocal samples, giving off a pretty healthy James Blake or Burial vibe. There's a nice bleak, atmospheric aesthetic to these songs as well, reminding me a lot of Zomby. Of course, some skittering footwork rhythms make it into the mix of a few tracks, and a few "cloud rap" moments that call out to the likes of Clams Casino occur, too.

The guy clearly has a great ear for style and detail. If he didn't, I don't think he would have been able turn this project around from what is was. The earliest tracks this project has released were instrumental hip hop beats. An example:

A lotta tracks on this mixtape are pretty solid, but it would be great to hear something a little more definitive come out of this project in the future. So, you can grab this mixtape on Bandcamp for whatever price you'd like.