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Ab-Soul- "Terrorist Threats" (ft. Danny Brown & Jhene Aiko)

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California MC and Black Hippie affiliate Ab-Soul drops a new track featuring Jhene Aiko and Detroit madman Danny Brown.

Though I've loved hearing Ab on the material of other MCs, including Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock, his debut album, Longterm Mentality, just didn't come off that exciting to me. But that changes for meon this new track, "Terrorist Threats."

Not only is the song pretty inflammatory, insisting the street gangs of the world could stand against the military if they unified. It's not just blind rage, though. The verses push listeners to live by their own rules, and seek personal sovereignty.

My favorite lyric: "I ain't tryna be nobody's shadow."

Jhene Aiko comes off pretty sinister on the hook, and the airy synths all over the beat add to the icy and dark reality Brown and Soul face down with their verses. Hopefully, this track leads to a new mixtape, album, ep, or something.