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Battles- "Rolls Bayce" (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

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A new remix from Battles' forthcoming remix album, featuring reworked tracks from the band's last album, Gloss Drop. The remix album's title: Dross Glop. Yep, that's the title. The above track is Hudson Mohawke taking on the track "Rolls Bayce," which I wish hit a bit harder with the bass, but it's still a nice revision.

The complete collection of remixes, Dross Glop is set to drop on April 17th. Battles has been simultaneously releasing 12" records of these remixes, and the last installment of that is set for a Record Store Day release on April 20th. This Hudson Mohawke remix is featured on the 12", and sits on grooves along with remixes performed by Gang Gang Dance and Pat Mahoney & Dennis McNanny.

Check out this short video showing vinyl copies of this 12" being packaged:

Edit: Just sound a stream for the Gang Gang Dance remix, too. Enjoy: