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Cidida x Eibol- Ludwig, Can You Hear Me?

New Musicchriscap2 Comments

The New York City-based rapper/producer duo Cidida x Eibol have collaborated on a new album. The curiously titled Ludwig, Can You Hear Me? was released at the beginning of April, and the album features Cidida spitting heady, emotive lyrics over live instrumentation played and produced by Eibol. I'm not sure exactly what it has to do with Beethoven, but the two collaborators do come up with some pretty interesting sounds and ideas over the course of the record. The production melds classic New York boom-bap beats with chilly keys and dubby bass, incorporating some interesting vocals and guitar overlays on tracks like "Hell" and the glitchy "Sorry."

The standout track "Jewels" features Cidida doing some intense self-examination and soul searching in between sung hooks by guest vocalist Key Huggins. Cidida is clearly a young rapper, and his lyrical pen lacks a little refinement, but he makes up for it with his open-faced, emotional lyrics. "I need to save my roaring 20s for the Great Depression," he raps on "Jewels," 'cause me and gravity been headed in the same direction."

The overall result of this collaboration is a lively, organic-feeling album with a bold and energetic sound. Download or stream the 12 track album in full for free here.