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Death Grips- "I've Seen Footage"

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One thing is for sure, a whole lotta tracks have dropped from Death Grips' the Money Store prior to the April 24th album's very nigh release.

Since the group's debut mixtape, Exmilitary, many have questioned the Death Grips' legitimacy as a hip hop project. Is it really hip hop? Well, I hope "I've Seen Footage" quells the questions, because the reference to the golden age of rap is so obvious, it's almost as if Death Grips is teasing the naysayers.

The "scratchy" rhythms at the start of the track sound something like the breathy vocal samples that kick off Tone Loc's "Wild Thing," and the straightforward drum machine beat is akin to countless RUN DMC songs. The guitar riff reminds me of the numerous rap rock collaborations that occurred throughout the 80s, too. Despite the change in direction, Death Grips makes the aesthetic theirs, covering the track with sirens, noises, choppy vocal cuts, and MC Ride's forceful flow.

The lyrics reveal Ride's personal, introspective reactions to seeing images of police violence, hence, "I've Seen Footage." /via/