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Dirty Projectors- "Gun Has No Trigger"

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Dirty Projectors release a new single, teasing toward the release of the band's latest album, Swing Lo Magellan. It'll be out on July 10th via Domino. While Dirty Projectors has had its accessible moments in the past--and the group's albums have definitely been foreshadowing a move toward poppier sounds--it's pretty surprising to hear Dave Longstreth and company on a track like this.

"Gun Has No Trigger" has a pretty straightforward execution, avoiding the of disorienting tempo changes and angular guitar leads that made Bitte Orca a difficult but fun record. While this track isn't exactly a mental workout, the end result is still Dirty Projectors. The icy female vocal harmonies hanging in the background are pretty haunting--especially when then blossom in a very sinister fashion toward the buildup of the chorus.

The drums are crisp and punchy, and Longstreth's lyrics are pretty surreal as well. The track is a light, and easy-to-enjoy fit of mental disturbance.

Check the track list for this forthcoming Dirty Projectors album below:

1. Offspring Are Blank 2. About to Die 3. Gun Has No Trigger 4. Swing Lo Magellan 5. Just From Chevron 6. Dance For You 7. Maybe That Was It 8. Impregnable Question 9. See What She Seeing 10. The Socialites 11. Unto Caesar 12. Irresponsible Tune