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Jack White- "Sixteen Saltines"

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Jack White recently announced that he has a new solo LP on the way, which will be his first full-length release with any project since the announcement of the White Stripes' breakup. Titled Blunderbuss, the album is looking at an April 24 release via White's own Third Man Records. "Sixteen Saltines," the second taste we've been given of the album, has been paired up with a somewhat unsettling new video.

The clip splices together shots of children and teenagers acting out various forms of surreal and often kid-unfriendly behavior, which ranges from getting heavily tattooed to vandalizing what looks like an abandoned building. White himself doesn't have a prominent role until near the end, when he is shown bound by rope in the back seat of a car, on top of which a teenager prepares to set it on fire. Watch the AG Rojas-directed video above.